What Is Seen vs. What Is Said

Type: Sculpture
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The tenuous silent gap between a yielding heart and a closed fist. The lip biting patience while words gather strength and are knitted into just the right question.

Found, reclaimed and resurrected - an abstract wood relief “painting” in an assortment of soft and hard woods puzzled together within a salvaged antique window frame. I am a collector and gatherer of everything left behind, overlooked, tossed aside. From abandoned barns in Maine to kitchen remodels in Massachusetts to a razed rectory built in 1893 - each piece of wood carries a history and a past and now a new purpose. Each piece of wood has been individually cut and sanded by hand, some may receive a color treatment of stain or paint, some will be left in their natural state, before the entire piece is finished with tung oil. Your artwork will arrive ready to hang, signed on the back with a provenance attached attesting to the origins of the wood used. Contemplative & serene, this sculpted wall piece fits beautifully into all décor, from modern to country.


Sculpture refers to visual art objects that are 3-dimensional. Sculpture can be made with a wide range of materials, such as clay, wood, bronze, or found objects. The medium can also be constructed and assembled in a variety of ways, such as, molding, welding and carving.


A one-of-a-kind artwork is a unique piece handmade by the artist. There is only one in existence. The work may be part of a series, however, the piece itself is unlike any other. This piece is available exclusively at gateofarts.

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